Whole Foods Market is a key piece to our pantry’s whole food supply system. This natural food market industry leader was founded in Austin, Texas, by John Mackey, Renee Lawson Hardy, Craig Weller, and Mark Skiles. Whole Foods Market’s commitment to provide superior quality natural food products is deeply embedded in their core values:

  • Satisfy, delight and nourish customers
  • Support team member happiness and excellence
  • Create on-going win-win partnerships with suppliers
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Animal welfare
  • Promote the health of people through healthy eating education
  • Serve and support local and global communities

Thanks to our collaborative partnership with Indy’s local Whole Foods Market on 86th Street, team members like Christi Wallace, Allison Vancamp, and many more organize and pack food donations that stock our pantry. Whole Foods Market’s dedication to caring for communities and belief that everyone deserves quality food, gives thousands of food insecure families access to nutritious food that we serve in Mid-North Indianapolis, annually.

To learn more, watch our exclusive Whole Foods Market interview and behind-the-scenes donation preparation video.