At a time when the video on the nightly news shows people walking down the streets in chest deep water, Sharon Davis is thanking God that she and her family are safe and dry in Indianapolis. Sharon and her family should have been in Houston, TX when Tropical Storm Harvey hit at the end of August. God had another plan. She was out of the storm’s eye due to her nephew’s sudden death in July. After the funeral, Sharon and her 28-year-old daughter decided to cancel their move to Texas and continue living in Indianapolis to be closer to family. Sharon said, “God looks after us and puts our plans on hold because He sees the big picture.”

After moving to Indianapolis is 2003 to help take care of her sister, Sharon has had to rely on Mid-North Food Pantry, other pantries in the city and the many services that the city offers. When Sharon moved into her house, the prior tenant had stolen all of the kitchen appliances. Methodically, Sharon has been saving money to buy a refrigerator, stove and oven. And that is where MNFP has come to her aid. Oftentimes at the end of the month, there is not much on the shelves of her cabinets. MNFP helps fill her kitchen with a variety of fresh and nutritious food.

Sharon knows the value of education. As a young 16-year-old mother, Sharon went back to high school to get her diploma. She has encouraged all three of her children to get a college degree. Her granddaughter in Chicago is a junior at Saint Xavier University. And now at age 66, Sharon has earned an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Thanks to the Ivy Tech Scholarship Advisor Program, Sharon is getting to take free classes for her 2nd degree, Elementary Education. This program is available to adults 60 years and older.

After growing up in the Chicago area, Sharon sings the praises of Indianapolis and living in a city that has so much to offer its residents. There are other services that Sharon takes advantage of while getting back on her feet. She claims, “It may not be the exact job a person wants, but Indianapolis has so many jobs with benefits out there.” The bus service in Indianapolis allows her to get where she needs to go on the days when her car does not start. Sure, extra time must be built into her day, but she can still get around the city. Sharon believes that no person living in the metro area should struggle with hunger because of the variety of pantries and other services our city offers for free.

In her words, her advice to those in her situation is easy, “You can make it if you want to.” Keep trying, rely on the goodness of others, and know that you may have to get up a bit earlier to make that bus. Sharon Davis lights up the room with her cheery attitude and her stories of being blessed by God and not being afraid of hard work.